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Welcome to the MBI Model! It is a new model for doing higher education; crowdsourcing a solution for all. Part of the MBI Model's appeal is its simplicity. Anyone can start a 'class' under the MBI Model. Interchangeably called small team of 3 or 5. The MBI Model is just a set of instructions like an algorithm. At the heart of any software are algorithms, MBI is designed to scale like software does and by doing so will crowdsource a system of free, egaging, effective, higher education. 
The goal of the model is to graduate individuals who employ themselves. The MBI model


The MBI ModelWhat people should expect when they participate is to study entrepreneurship and a foreign language. The ideal graduate will gradute from the model with a profitable business and functional knowledge of a foreign language. This model is designed for individuals to get out of the program what they put in.

Making a class
(small team)

People in MBI are organized into small groups; teams. Teams are made up of 3 or 5 people. You can find a team through the forum on the website, post about yourself, and what you're looking to accomplish. 
Once you have determined what your 3 or 5 person team will be the registration process is comprised of these steps

Prize Money incorporates an element of competition. Teams that do the best according to measures yet to be developed. December 2021 will mark the first disbursement of prize money, currently listed at $1,000. The MBI Model has a process for graduating ventures to be able to contribute to the prize pool.

Team meeting times

Your team is responsible for its own progress, set a meeting schedule that will make for meaningful progress. Utilize in-person meeting or over zoom.

Subject matter

During your team meetings, the subject matter to be taught and studied is determined and taught by the group itself. Because everyone starts a business or at least puts it down on paper, everyone has

Learning model

Teaching is the best method to learn. Teams will direct their own learning by self-guiding their coursework. The subject matter will be developed by the team as it relates to each member's business and the group's foreign language selection. Decide a teaching schedule amonst your group that works. Document your progress in your feed. Better documented feeds have a better chance of winning prize money. 

Syllabus: Open Positions
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