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Two Thought Experiments

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Are you still having a hard time understanding what the MBI Model is, then these two thought experiments will help you out. A thought experiment is just a mental experiment anyone can do. Just imagine though....


Take 10 college campuses and imagine what would happen if all the college assets were turned over to the students. 9 Times out of 10 it would be a disaster but the one time it succeeds could result in a business model that changes the whole university system and eliminates student debt for good.


Take a college campus, be it public or private, and get rid of everything that costs money; the buildings, staff, etc... What you're left with after getting rid of everything on a college campus that costs money are the students. They are organized into groups; there's a group called a class, a club or a study group.

The MBI Model is about doing these two experiments from the ground up. Can we take a small teams approach to crowdsource a system of higher education that is free, effective and engaging for all.

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